Top 6 Cool Android apps

Top 6 Android app 

Best Android AppsAll Android apps mentioned the list can be downloaded from the Play Store for free though some do offer inexpensive in-app purchases for unlocking premium features. Also, the list of essential apps skips commons apps like Google Drive, Google Photos, WhatsApp, Google Maps or Gmail since they are factory-installed on most newer phones.

 Android Apps

The 6 Best Android Apps of all Time!

Authy generates 2-Step Verification codes on your phone. If someone manages to know the password of your online account, they still can't get in without the generated code.

Cast Box,
A free podcast app with a super clean layout and a better discovery engine for finding new podcasts. It includes in-audio search and your podcast subscriptions get synced to the desktop.

The best Android app for playing YouTube videos in the background while you work on other apps. Includes audio and video download capabilities as well and thus is missing from the official store.

Easily fake your location on the mobile phone. Any app or website that uses location - Foursqaure, Google or even Maps for example - will think you are in the other place and serve different results.

The most versatile app for Android ever that lets you do any with simple gestures. Search your apps, open websites, switch screens, take screenshots, and more all within a single app.

A free VPN and data manager app from Facebook that lets you monitor your mobile data usage, blocks apps from using data in the background and includes VPN to save your information when connected to public Wi-Fi.

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